Great Taste

We have the best chocolates that are sweetened naturally with erythritol and stevia. Our chocolates are the biggest on the market- check out our peanut butter cups that are vegan and made with real peanut butter! Our Pork Rinds are a crunchy flavorful snack that cannot be missed! Be sure to add them both to your cart

Made With Love

My Passion for the company started when my past husband Adam had started the Keto diet to help battle his brain cancer. I lost Adam to cancer four years ago and started a charity called #TreatsfromAdam. We send monthly boxes to doors of others on their cancer journey filled with our snacks

Good For You

We use the best ingredients that make a delicious snack that you would never know is Sugar Free! We use a natural sweetener that does not affect sugar levels making us the perfect choice! We use the best herbs and spices for our Pork Rinds, making them a healthy snack with no artificial flavors

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Why Eat Low Carb?

What Eating Sugar is costing you
Risk of

  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Obesity
  • Inflammation
  • Addiction

This is why we make our Sugar-Free snacks your Guilt- Free Indulgence

The Community

We send boxes out every month to those going through their cancer journey as an education to healthy diet and to give you a smile with these tasty healthy treats!

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Our Testimonial

What Ketonut Customers Say

I cannot recommend their products enough. Be sure to check them out for healthy, locally make keto food. Be sure you try the Chocolate Peanut Butter Fat Bombs - there are no words to describe how delicious (and filling) these are.

Michele Anderson

I tried my first peppermint button this morning and they're absolutely amazing!!! I highly recommend them and I can't wait to try more items ?

René Riese

The food is always so delicious! There is so much to choose from too which is great to see with keto foods

Lily Victoriano

If you are following a Ketogenic diet I would recommend The Ketonut.

Matt Kennedy

The food is great. Lots of yummy choices.

Wilma Gauld

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    By almost eliminating carbohydrates, the body switches its fuel source from glucose to clean, efficient ketones. Clarity of the mind, increased energy, reduced inflammation, and weight loss are all reported effects of following a ketogenic diet.
    We are available in stores all over Canada – be sure to check our location page for one near you!

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