How To Stay Keto During The Holidays!

The holidays pose some of the biggest challenges to keto dieters. Don’t think this means it’s all hopeless, though! The festive season can be the perfect time to examine what makes this diet so important to your health goals. Take stock of your intentions and follow these tips. You can get through the holidays with your diet intact!


Keep Your App Close

keto app during holidays - ketonutThey say knowledge is power, and that’s true for keto. The best way to get through the holidays is to know what’s in the food you eat. If you encounter something unfamiliar on the holiday table, consult your phone! There are many different apps you can use that will tell you what exactly is in food. You can also use the customizable Ketonut Macro Calculator to see where they all fit in! 


Notify Your Loved Ones And Help Them Out

Other people must know and understand your dietary restrictions if they are to accommodate them at the dinner table. Don’t spring your keto lifestyle on family and friends when you sit down to eat – let them know ahead of time. Ask your host if there’s anything you can bring and make a keto-friendly dish. This is a great way to introduce them to the ketogenic diet, too!


Be Kind

holiday dinnerware - ketonutBringing some keto foods is the best way to show other people how your diet works because preaching at the dinner table isn’t going to do the trick. If people don’t understand the diet, it’s not polite to get into debates about its benefits. If you’re hosting, you should make a variety of dishes everyone will enjoy, not just keto dieters. Your family and friends probably aren’t prepared to shift their diet, and that’s okay. Living your best self is an excellent way to show what keto can do!


Cheating Is Allowed (Though Don’t Stop Reading Here)!

Okay, this isn’t a license to stuff your face with stuffing. But one of the big no-nos among keto dieters is cheating, and this makes newbies beat themselves up over even the smallest food-related indiscretion. This isn’t a healthy mindset! What’s great about keto is that you set the parameters, and you can adjust them. While we’re not excusing going overboard and throwing your body off ketosis, if taking some liberties makes you feel better, you’re more likely to stay on track in the long term.


Be Keto-Positive

woman smiling in mirror - ketonutIt’s important to focus on the positive side of dieting. Keto isn’t a restriction of what you can eat, but rather it’s a new expansion of what your body can do. Don’t see a dish on the table as something you’re missing – look at all the foods you can have and think about the health goals you are achieving. Stay keto-positive!r



It might help not to let keto define who you are. You are on a diet, yes, but you are also a compassionate, amazing person, too!

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