How Keto-Friendly Granola Can Boost Healthy Snack Sales In Your Store

A top choice among Ketonut customers is our Granola. It’s filled with healthy fats, delicious nuts, and seeds, and sweetened with no-carb natural erythritol. Hearing this, you might be wondering: “isn’t all granola full of carbs?” They don’t have to be, and keto-friendly granola can help you appeal to more customers and boost healthy snack sales! 

Keto Granola Is An Excellent Snack For All Diets

For many keto dieters, snacks take similar forms: nuts, seeds, full-fat cheese, beef jerky. Wash, rinse, repeat. However, keto market research shows that the main profits associated with this diet come from dairy, supplements, and snack sales.* Those on keto are actively searching and buying products that give them easy variety! Keto-friendly granola does this by offering something sweet, tasty, and easy to eat out of the bag while not throwing the consumer off ketosis. It’s a little variety that can go a long way for their dieting – and your business!

But it’s not just those on the ketogenic diet cutting out the carbs – many people who aren’t dieting at all find reduced carbohydrate intake makes them feel better throughout the day. Keto-friendly granola is a balanced, healthy snack for all customers, one that doesn’t spike the blood glucose levels of eaters to make them feel hungry soon after consumption. For those specifically on keto, glucose is something to watch very closely.


Keto Granola Is Healthy

When stocking up on keto-friendly products, it’s important to understand what makes the ketogenic diet – you’ll quickly see why most granolas aren’t suitable for it (and why keto granola is excellent!). Keto limits carbohydrate intake to no more than 10 percent of calories to go through a process known as ketosis; this is where the body doesn’t get the carbs to make into glucose, the most common fuel. The macronutrient fat makes up the bulk of the diet, with between 55 and 60 percent of calories coming from it to make a fuel known as ketones. No carbs mean no sugar, and dieters turn to fattier foods to not just supply their body with ketones but to feel fuller and reduce cravings. 

However, most conventional granola options found in stores aren’t keto-friendly. The choices people traditionally find on shelves are grain-based, using ingredients high in carbs like oats and large amounts of sugar! No matter what the diet, keto-friendly granola is a healthy snack, especially considering the food it replaces. It can attract a wide range of clientele looking to satisfy the cravings of foods they left behind!


Keto Granola Is A Niche You Can Fill!

Keto granola is enough of a unique food product that you can use to stand out and connect with new and existing customers. As we said, keto dieters can make the most out of mealtime, but it’s the proper snacks they have difficulty finding. The one concept most consumers understand about granola – a go-to for many health-conscious buyers – is how it uses carb-heavy ingredients. Change that perception, and you could reach many people on and off keto!

Consumers who choose the ketogenic diet know the benefits and are seeking out new foods that fit their needs and taste great. By offering keto-friendly granola, you can capture and keep those in the keto niche, appeal to those who want to reduce carbs, and boost sales of healthy snacks in your store!



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