Collared pig Pork Rinds

Order a range of natural, sugar-free, low carb wholesale products from Ketonut. We’re a Canadian company making a range of healthy foods and snacks designed for the keto diet but that appeal to everyone! Our wholesale carb-light food is ideal for any health food store, specialty shop, or grocery store looking to expand product offerings.

Delicious Bulk low-carb Pork Rinds

If you like chips but you are committed to a carb-conscious/keto diet, these are a great crunchy substitution! Our pork rinds are cooked in lard which has so many health benefits! These are a great crispy, flavorful alternative to potato chips. These zero-carb snacks are delicious and healthy. Collard Pork Rinds are unique because they are sulfite-free. Many competitors’ pork rinds contain sulfites. Sulfites can cause migraines, severe allergic reactions, and overall can be bad for your health. If you want a sulfite-free snack, Collard-Pork low-carb pork rinds are an excellent alternative.

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Low-Carb Snacks

Collard Pork Rinds are made with lard. Did you know that lard is a good source of vitamin D? This is why we use lard in our pork rinds. In its natural form, lard has none of the trans fats that we know are bad for you. Vitamin D is important in fighting disease, reducing depression, and boosting weight loss. Try our pork rinds for a healthy delicious Vitamin D-packed treat. Available at wholesale costs in cases of 12.

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Collard Pig Pork Rinds offers a variety of flavours, including dill pickle, ranch, and sweet cinnamon! Many of our clients use our pork rinds as an alternative to chips, used as a crushed-up breading on pork chops, or cheese sticks. They are the perfect guilt-free snack for parties or potlucks in keeping with your carb-conscious lifestyle.

Cinnamon pork rinds are a delicious sweet treat, dip in low-carb yogurt or eat them on their own for a yummy filling snack. Dill pickle-flavoured pork rinds make for a delicious breading on mozzarella sticks, and are great for dipping in sour cream or chip dip. Our ranch-flavoured pork rinds are perfect for crushing up as breading on your meat for additional flavour. All our unique products taste great with dip or on their own!

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