Keto Product Sales: How Have They Grown In The Last Five Years – And Why?

The ketogenic diet is a switch from carbohydrates to proteins and fats for energy. While there are different levels to keto products and the diet itself, all keto is about reducing carbohydrate intake to a minimum to get the body to reach ketosis. In an area where sugar and wheat are almost inescapable, more and more consumers are deliberately finding no-carb alternatives – and the results are incredible for grocers and health food stores. 

How Have Keto Product Sales Grown?

Keto ProductIn Canada, keto has been on an upward trajectory – one of the very few diet “trends” to have lasting power in a market full of fads. A 2019 poll from Dalhousie University showed that 26 percent of Canadians have either adopted the keto diet, tried it, or have considered trying it in the 18 months before the poll. 

The popularity of keto isn’t only in Canada – there is a rise in sales in countries all over the world. According to Mordor Intelligence, the global ketogenic diet food market is projected to grow at a rate of 5.3% over the next five years, too. What’s driving these trends?


New Knowledge Of Healthy Living

Consumers are learning that healthy diets do not come from cutting out fat – rather, healthy fats are necessary for our diets! What dieticians once considered a specialized diet for those with epilepsy has become one of the leading healthy lifestyle trends. Now, keto has come to overshadow formerly popular diets along similar lines, such as intermittent fasting and the Atkins Diet.

The ketogenic diet acts as a natural therapy for weight reduction by helping to burn fat, increase feelings of fullness, and reducing calorie intake compared to other weight-loss diets. Ketosis is a solution to many common health problems and more online health sites and social media platforms have been promoting it for weight management and healthy living.

We’re now seeing stores of all kinds offer low- and no-carb products on their shelves, including bookstores – some of the best-selling cookbooks are keto-driven! This embrace of keto may seem like the market meeting demand, but it’s helping more consumers find alternatives that make them eat and feel better.


More Stores Are Including Ketogenic Products On Their Shelves

While the biggest factor in the growth of keto sales is customer demand, more stores are rising to the occasion to reach different clients. The wide availability of keto diet products – whether it’s online or in brick-and-mortar stores – means more vendors are focusing on distributing keto diet products. Both supermarkets and specialty stores are increasing the availability of keto diet products in retail stores, boosting market growth over the last five years.

In the last five years, market growth trends reveal an increased consumer demand for healthy, organic, low-carb snacks. There has never been a better time for entrepreneurs and small business owners to add more keto products. If you’re ready to expand your shelves, KetoNut has the Fat Bombs, Keto Granola, and Pork Rinds for you!

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