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I am so excited to share with all of you that we are blessed enough to give back through this business. Turning to a keto lifestyle was not for weight loss but to help my husband through his cancer journey. We believe with all of the research we have seen and our own experience (a 90 % decrease in tumor size!) that Keto has saved both of us. We were fortunate enough to have the resources that we did to start this way of eating and then turn our passion into a business. Each month we will be helping a family going through cancer with meals. We are able to do this because of you! Each order received The Ketonut will take 5% from sales to bring meals to help others not only for their health but also to take a bit of a load off them. After all… I believe a cupcake can bring a smile to anyone!

Our first family we chose to help is Tyler Warren. Tyler is a warrior of the same type of cancer my husband has which is a brain tumor. He is a wonderful guy that we have become friends with as well and looked at for advice. We are so happy that we can bring them some delicious meals as Tyler kicks cancers butt again!

This picture here is Adams first day of radiation- we got these awesome knitted hats at the brain tumor conference just before we started! 

Check out his blog here https://everydayifightbyty.wordpress.com/2018/02/08/well-hello-2018-2/

If you know someone who is going through cancer please send myself a message so we can connect about bringing over some family meals. There is absolutely no pressure to continue with this way of eating. We are just happy to help you through this journey!

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In life the best thing you can do is take the sourest lemons and turn them into something resembling lemonade. I like to think we have done this! Thank you all for your support !

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