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We understand that tracking macros daily is extremely important for many on the Ketogenic diet. We proudly and accurately provide the macro calculations for our menu items and are always available to answer any questions you may have. The use of macronutrients or macros can help you achieve multiple health goals, often used in folks who want to drop weight or build muscle mass. In order to accomplish certain macronutrient and calorie goals, it requires monitoring of the caloric intake and foods and beverages you consume. Although it is relatively easy to count macros, it might be misleading if you are just beginning the diet.

Should I track macros?

Lately, the focus looks to have changed at little from calorie counting ingredients and dishes to macro counting, especially when it comes to dieting in the last two years. Should we all get caught up in this worldwide dieting trend? Most dieters are already monitoring their intake of carbohydrates and persons with diabetes or sugar intake related ailments make it an every day ritual to track food metrics alongside prescriptions. Honestly, it does seem a bit irresponsible to not have a basic handle on macros or the quality and nutrition principles of the food you eat every single day. But many factors can get in the way of healthy eating. And it’s nobody’s right to judge! One thing is absolutely certain. If you’re on a ketogenic diet and not tracking macros you should definitely reconsider. It’s the only way to make the most out of the diet, get the right fuel and ensure you’re healthy and productive.

How do I calculate my macros?

Counting net carbs rather than total carbohydrates is crucial to everyone on the Keto diet. Calculating net carbs involves subtracting grams of fibre from grams of carbs to get a total. Human bodies do not absorb fibre efficiently, which overworks the small intestine and doesn’t provide you with much-needed fuel. Fiber calories really don’t count if you look at it that way.

First, you should know how many calories you typically consume or are striving to reach every day. For example, if you eat around 2000 calories every day you can mark that down as your starting amount. Now you have to find your ideal ratio. For most people, a comfortable ratio includes half carbs, a quarter fat and one-quarter protein. Now you simply multiply your calorie total by your ratio percentages. Finally, divide your calorie totals by the sum of your calories per gram. If you don’t like math you shouldn’t worry one bit – the web is full of free keto macronutrient calculators. And we have to admit ours is completely free and by far the most convenient! Check out our free keto macro calculator!

How do you count macros to lose weight?

The tough part about macros is that the amount of each individual serving size in your diet plan and the foods you are comfortable consuming will differ greatly. As mentioned, ideal macro ratios rely on the weight and stature, fitness level, maturity level and focus of your new diet plan.

The macro-ratio signifies your absolute perfect quantity. It’s a wise idea to follow the advice of a dietitian to evaluate the overview of your macronutrients and the aim of your diet decisions. Your doctor or an approved dietitian can help you to find the right solution and lead you through a transfer to this lifestyle.

Keep Macros On Track With Ketonut

You can’t stay absolutely glued to your macro breakdown without individualizing it to your own body. It’s your body. Listen to it! Keep your everyday protein and overall calories targets on track. Don’t let all the latest news, fads and noise get you sidetracked. Regularly buying keto packages keeps you fueled up and motivated and our charts are constantly updated on our website.

Macros Will Help You Achieve Health Goals

The tracking of macros can give you a tonne of dietary advantages. Counting food macros is a good way to reduce portions and that alone can kickstart a new and healthy lifestyle! This can help you to learn more about calories and recognize the role they play in your body easier. Ultimately, it helps you make healthy, educated decisions, about your food and drink intake overall.

Macro Nutrition Is Within Your Reach

Ketonut exists to empower you to make the best decisions for your health and your life. The keto diet is one of the best ways to achieve not only your weight goals but improve your overall health. Let us know if you have any feedback, testimonials or insights you’d like to share about our keto foods or your experience with the ketogenic diet. We love to hear from our customers and anyone in the London community who is having success with this amazing lifestyle!

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