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Our mission at the Ketonut is to serve delicious sugar free Chocolates and snacks to make healthy living an easy part of your life. We hope to spread the knowledge on the benefits of eating sugar free. We started the diet due to my husbands brain cancer. He had read online the benefits of eating keto for cancer. We hope to share our knowledge and what we learned through our journey. Adam and I wanted to share how easy it can be to enjoy food while eating low carb so we started to deliver free meals and desserts to others going through their cancer journey as a way to connect. After Adam passed away from stage 4 brain cancer I  I continued on and named it #Treatsfromadam.
My goal for next year is to start providing direct support to the brain tumour foundation in helping fund weekend retreats for young adults like ourselves who were faced with cancer. As of right now 5 percent of our proceeds go directly to meals and desserts each month. With your help we hope to expand.


We're a ketogenic wholesale supplier, making delicious gluten-free and sugar-free keto diet foods.

  • Great Taste

    We add keto diet approved healthy fats and delicious sugar-free seasoning blends to all of our dishes to ensure great taste!

  • Made with Love

    My Passion for the company started when my past husband Adam had started the Keto diet to help battle his brain cancer. I lost Adam to cancer two years ago and started a charity called #TreatsfromAdam

  • Good For You

    We use the best ingredients that make a delicious dessert that you would never know is Sugar Free! We use a natural sweetener that does not affect sugar levels making us the perfect choice!

The Ketonut Coconut

  • Wholesale Products

    We are proud to partner with amazing people to bring you the keto food you love. To become one of our partners, check out our wholesale form. You can find our keto food in many stores in London, Toronto, and more! View all locations here.

  • Fantastic Reviews

    We've received so many compliments on all of our keto products. Look for them at any of our retail partners and try for yourself!

  • Helping the Community

    We send boxes out every month to those going through their cancer journey as an education to healthy diet and to give you a smile with these tasty healthy treats!

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What Ketonut customers say

Michele Anderson

I cannot recommend their products enough. Be sure to check them out for healthy, locally make keto food. Be sure you try the Chocolate Peanut Butter Fat Bombs - there are no words to describe how delicious (and filling) these are

René Riese

I tried my first peppermint button this morning and they're absolutely amazing!!! I highly recommend them and I can't wait to try more items ?

Lily Victoriano

The food is always so delicious! There is so much to choose from too which is great to see with keto foods

Matt Kennedy

If you are following a Ketogenic diet I would recommend The Ketonut.

Wilma Gauld

The food is great. Lots of yummy choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Keto Diet work?

By almost eliminating carbohydrates, the body switches its fuel source from glucose to clean, efficient ketones. Clarity of the mind, increased energy, reduced inflammation, and weight loss are all reported effects of following a ketogenic diet.

What Stores Can I Find You In?

We are available in stores all over Canada - be sure to check our location page for one near you!

How Can I Get Ketonut In My Store?

Visit our Wholesale page to learn more about getting our products on your shelf and sharing Ketonut with customers!


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