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Our granola is filled with nuts and seeds and sweetened with erythritol. Erythritol tastes sweet and  is a safe alternative to table sugar. This packaging is great for on the go snacks. Add to yogurt, eat as a cereal, or crumble on top of your favourite keto dessert. 

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Keto Granola Wholesale

This high fat low protein granola is super easy to prepare and stores well in the pantry. This granola will leave you feeling full, and satisfied. Enjoy for an on the go snack, or eat it on its own for a cereal. Our granola comes in cases of 12, making it easier for you to keep enjoying without frequent trips to our retail store.

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Our delicious granola is gluten-free and sugar-free, sweetened with erythritol. This sugar free substance is sweet, and a delicious alternative to  sugar. Sometimes, when you're on a diet, you need to indulge a bit in a sweet snack or dessert. This is our healthy alternative!

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