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Our Fat Bombs, also called sugar free chocolates, are  shelf stable for one year and can be shipped, these chocolates do not require in-store refrigeration.

Our fat bombs are used by keto dieters to increase fat intake and promote satiety. These zero sugar fat bombs, are sure to satisfy cravings. We use low glycemic index sweeteners. If you want a clean, sugar free snack, try our delicious fat bombs. These are ideal for dieters, diabetics, ketogenic lifestyle

These Pork Rinds are not your grandpappie's stinkin pork rinds. They have no pork smell and the flavor is unreal! Pork Rinds are full of protein and a low carb snack. 

Discover Our Popular Chocolate In Many Awesome Flavours!

Chocolates At Wholesale Prices

The dieting game has changed, and your food offerings have too. Even without keto, high-fat, low-carb snacks are in; Ketonut's wholesale keto products make it very easy for stores in Canada to offer new, unique options and flavours at more affordable prices! We offer several delicious flavours including Peanut Butter Cups, Peppermint Buttons, Haystacks, Chooclate Covered Salted Almonds, Hazelnut English toffee and our Taffy Time Caramel Bar. 


Chooclates and Pork Rinds- We have your sweet and salty Snack Meets met!

Our Sugar-Free Chocolates contain healthy fats, natural sweeteners and moderate protein. Pack these in your lunch for a mid-day pick me up. Also ideal to eat before a workout for a full feeling, but not heaviness. Take these to your next potluck for a guilt free desert. Our chocolates are so high in fat and low in protein that they help you burn more fat for fuel and stay in ketosis!

Our Pork Rinds are full of flavor with herbs. We have 6 flavors of pork rinds- Dill Pickle,Ranch,Zesty Ketchup, Churro, Salt and Vinegar and Salted. These will be the perfect crunch to your snack!

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