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No matter what the diet, most consumers are considering the ingredients and process behind their snacks. It’s one of the reasons why more people are choosing pork rinds. Pork rinds have overcome their reputation as a Super Bowl Sunday snack, and more consumers see it as an option full of healthy fats. It’s all in how they are made!

How Are Collared Pig Pork Rinds Made?

Pork rinds are a simple snack, and good ones are made entirely from pork products. They start as pork skin simmered in boiling water. Once the skin separates from the meat, the pieces float up to the surface; we skim them out, then divide them up into bite-size pieces called pellets. These pellets are chilled for hours to let the fat solidify; we then remove the fat.

We then take the pellets and fry them in lard at temperatures up to 210°C. The frying process expands the pork rinds, letting them float to the surface of the oil. We then skim them off the top, lay them out, add the flavouring, and let the rinds air dry. What Ketonut wholesale customers get is an all-natural snack bursting with flavour and healthy fats!

You might notice that the entire process uses what we’d take from the pork – this includes the frying oil, and even this lard is a byproduct of pork rinds. Pork lard used to be a regular part of all baking and cooking, and while many cooks still use lard for goods like pie crusts, this version comes from vegetable oil. Like other saturated fats, pork lard fell into disfavour during the no-fat dieting craze; now, it’s a necessary part of many keto snacks, including Collared Pig Pork Rinds!

Why Ketonut Uses Lard To Fry Collared Pig Pork Rinds

The Ketonut - pork rinds lard - Body ImageLard adds extra fat and is much healthier than other common frying mediums like vegetable oil. Many oils are not saturated fats but rather trans fats made through a processing method called partial hydrogenation. These break the molecular chains in the oils by adding hydrogen, which makes the oil less likely to spoil on the shelf. However, this also increases the amount of LDL cholesterol (the “bad” kind) in the bloodstream, increasing the risk of heart disease without improving other health markers.

At Ketonut, we avoid using partially hydrogenated oils at all costs, only using lard to fry up our Collared Pig Pork Rinds. It might sound heavy, but it makes our pork rinds tastier, more natural, and better for a customer’s health and wellness goals. It also makes them a welcome addition to a wide variety of low- and no-carb diets, from ketogenic to carnivore.

If you want to add a locally-made and delicious small-batch product to your shelves and appeal to more consumers, we offer Collared Pig Pork Rinds at wholesale prices.

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