Keto fat bombs

Fat bombs are often called the keto dieter’s “secret weapon”: a deliciously sweet, guilt-free snack that makes you feel full and satisfies cravings. How can you use fat bombs in your keto diet?

What Are Fat Bombs?


keto fat bombsFat bombs are snacks packed with healthy fats like coconut oil and full-fat dairy. They are as close to 100-percent fat as possible, with very little protein or carbs. Because they are so high in fat and low in protein, they will help you burn more fat for fuel and stay in ketosis.

The ingredients come with many other benefits, too. Coconut oil, for example, includes supplemental ketones like medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). This type of fat is absorbed quickly and used as fuel without throwing off your ketosis. High-fat dairy ingredients contain vitamins, minerals, and a fatty acid called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).

These additional fatty acids have been found to help prevent heart disease, strengthen immune function, and help you she\d body fat. It’s how fat bombs can be used by keto dieters to reach all of their health goals. That’s not all they’re useful for, though!


How Can You Use Fat Bombs In Your Diet?


Keto fat bombsFat bombs are very versatile. Depending on your taste buds, you can use them in many different ways – as snacks, side dishes, and even for occasional meal replacement when you’re on the go (more on that below).

Fat bombs are good to have on hand when you are just beginning the diet. At this stage, your body and mind may be screaming at you for some sugar – and you might find it hard to resist. Having fat bombs in your pantry, car, or purse will help you fight off temptations and keep you on the road to your health and wellness goals. The great thing is, one should be enough – these tasty morsels not only diminish cravings but help you feel full so you aren’t snacking all day!

Many fitness buffs who begin keto find that they lack energy for the first few weeks; it comes from your body adapting to its new energy source. It’s not something to worry about, but if exercise is a big part of your life, you may find being drained of energy discouraging. Fat bombs can work as a pre-workout snack, something you use around your training! 

You can use fat bombs as meal replacements, but be careful. While fat bombs can have many nutrients, you still need other foods to meet your daily requirements for protein (depending on your dietary restrictions), fibre, and vitamins. While they can be good when you’re behind schedule, don’t rely on them for regular meals. 

Fat bombs are delicious, versatile, and easy to take wherever you go. You’ll find healthy fat bombs that can replace any unhealthy, sugar-packed food, satiating every craving without affecting your keto journey. For shops looking to expand their options for keto dieters, contact Ketonut – we’ll help you bring our delicious Fat Bombs to your shelves!

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