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The toughest part of any new way of eating is staying motivated. We’re bombarded with billboards, commercials, and Internet ads for the latest junk food or sugary temptation, and it can take all of our will-power to resist and stick with our goals.  It can be especially challenging when one is cutting out carbs because carbs come in many tasty-yet-terrible-for-you forms.

The proper planning and motivation can keep you on track. Here are some tips for staying motivated and making Keto work for your health.

Plan ahead 

Put that chest freezer in your basement to good use! Regularly set aside a weekend to prepare meals or order from a meal prep service that offers low carb options for when you’re too busy to make something fresh. Having meals frozen and waiting for you makes sticking to a diet a whole lot easier. Lunch-sized portions to take to work are great so that you’re not tempted by the fast food place next door.

Snacking might seem like a harder task (especially when there’s cake in the office), but fortunately, many Keto-friendly snacks are easy and portable: nuts, seeds, and berries come in many different, delicious flavors and combinations!

Keep It Fresh!

Don’t get stuck in a routine, or your meals will get boring and you’ll start thinking (wrongly!) that a Keto diet is boring, too. The amount of Keto-friendly meals you can make and buy is endless, and keeping your meals varied can make a huge difference in your mindset. Remember: variety is the spice of life!

Shop Smart

Knowing what you can and cannot eat makes a ton of difference when going on a Keto diet. It makes it easier to know your options, to choose foods based on the list of ingredients, and to know what sections of the grocery store to avoid. Therefore, try keeping a list of things you can eat and buy, and keep it on you anytime you shop. Consult it often!

Believe in Yourself and Your Loved Ones!

Finally, as simple a proverb as it might be, “believe in yourself” can be really powerful. You’ve got the willpower inside you, you have what it takes to overcome your cravings, and you know you’ve got this!

You’re not alone. So many people are on the journey with you, and motivation can come from many places. Get your family and friends on board with your dieting plans and tell them why you’re doing this. Their love and support can really help you through tough times! Let us know if you don’t see any of your favourite recipes on our menu because we’re always updating and experimenting.

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