The world of dieting is changing, and now, fat isn’t a scary thing. More people are trying to bring in healthy fats at the expense of sugars and carbs; research shows that high-fat diets like Keto are healthy solutions to weight-loss needs, too. 

One snack that has benefited from the rise in low-to-no carb diets is the pork rind. What is it, and what customers choose this snack?


What Are Pork Rinds?

Pork rind” is the culinary word for the skin of a pig. It’s a very simple snack, made up of one main ingredient (not counting the seasoning). You can find varieties of pork rinds in cuisines all over the world, but the one people know and love has been a staple of Southern cooking for years. 

We start by simmering the skin of the pork in boiling water, after which it is skimmed off, cut up into squares, and chilled for hours to let the fat solidify. This fat is removed and discarded (if the fat stays on, it counts as a variant called “cracklin”), and the rinds are placed in an oven to remove as much moisture as possible. When they’re sufficiently dried out, we fry up the pork rinds, during which any moisture remaining in the skin evaporates and the rind puffs up.

The rinds are seasoned while they’re hot, and then they are left to cool. What snackers get is a no-carb, gluten-free, sugar-free food that tastes amazing! 


What Kind Of Customer Chooses Pork Rinds?

It used to be that pork rinds were the snack of choice for many people on Super Bowl Sunday, but now, they have found a much wider audience. The simplicity of the food and its amazing flavour has attracted a wide variety of customers, but one dietary trend has widened the popularity of this food: the ketogenic diet! After discovering that the pork rind is carb-free, the high number of keto dieters raised the popularity of pork rinds, taking them out of the convenience store and into groceries everywhere. 

Another reason for the renewed popularity is that dieters can add this simple snack to many different dishes that need crunch and flavour! Pork rinds can be added to keto-friendly vegetables, used as a substitute for tacos and nachos, or crunched up into a crust for meaty dishes like delicious tuna cakes. Some flavours – like Collared Pig Sweet Cinnamon pork rinds – even work well as a substitute for desserts!

Any low-carb dieter knows that pork rinds are both appropriate for their new regimen and are very tasty! This humble, easy-to-make snack now has the credibility of dieters everywhere, and often they look for something that meets their ethical and dietary desires. Every batch of Collared Pig Pork Rinds is handmade in London, Ontario, using locally-sourced ingredients. On top of there not being any carbs, gluten, and sugar, we use no preservatives!

If you’re a store looking to add more low-carb, keto-friendly products to your shelves, contact Ketonut for wholesale pricing on Collared Pig Pork Rinds. This product appeals to both specialty dieters and everyday snackers. You can find them in Ranch, Sweet Cinnamon, and Dill Pickle flavours, a variety that is guaranteed to keep customers coming back!


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