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keto fat bombs

Have you seen keto dieters online or around you eating dense, sweet-looking spheres? You may have run across a few in your Pinterest or Instagram feed, and they’re called fat bombs. As the name suggests, they are loaded with healthy fats and delicious flavours. How can they help people reach their ketogenic goals?


What Are Fat Bombs?


Keto fat bombsFat bombs are essentially energy bites for the keto dieter. On the ketogenic diet, you eliminate carbohydrates, which your body normally turns into glucose for energy. The replacement is fat, which fatty acids in the liver synthesize into molecules called ketones. When your body is running on ketones instead of carbs, you’re in a state called ketosis

By using fat to energize the body, people can burn off existing fat stores, keep muscle, and decrease risk factors for problems like heart disease. It’s also used by people with epilepsy to reduce and prevent seizures. But to stay on ketosis, you have to restrict carbs so that they’re almost non-existent in your meals and snacks. For many people, this can be tricky, which is why delicious keto fat bombs come in handy!


Why Should I Choose Keto Fat Bombs?


Keto fat bombsThe biggest challenges when entering keto are cravings. When you’re feeling the overwhelming urge to grab a Snickers, you need a keto-friendly snack to help you resist temptation and maintain your goal. Enter fat bombs – snacks where the majority of the nutrients are healthy fats. 

Fat bombs have a fat content of at least 85% instead of carbs and protein. They combine healthy fats such as coconut butter, nut butters, cacao butter, and coconut oil with keto-friendly binder and flavouring ingredients. While you can make them savoury, 

They’re very versatile, and you can eat them for an out-the-door breakfast, as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, or before or after a workout. You may not feel the crash a candy bar would give you, too! Fats take longer to break down in the digestive tract, helping you feel fuller for longer. 

While they can be great for anyone looking to add delicious, healthy fats to their diet, keto fat bombs can make you gain weight if you’re not on keto. Since your body isn’t in ketosis, it will likely store the fat found in these snacks rather than use them for energy. However, because they make you feel fuller for longer, they make for a great sugar-free snack!

That’s because if it’s keto, it’s sugar-free. Keto dieters use Ketonut Fat Bombs to increase their dietary fat intake and promote satiety. These zero-sugar fat bombs will satisfy cravings, and we use low glycemic index sweeteners to ensure a clean, sugar-free snack. 

If you’re a food retailer trying to appeal to dieters, diabetics, and ketogenic lifestyles, add our keto fat bombs to your shelves today!

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