“Keto granola” can sound like an oxymoron (doesn’t all granola use oats?). But this food can absolutely be keto-friendly, as we proved with Ketonut’s delicious granola: it’s gluten-free, sugar-free, and full of healthy fats. How is that possible, and how can you use ketogenic granola in your diet?

What’s In Keto Granola?


Most conventional granolas use oats, which are not keto-friendly: oats are high in carbs and sugar, both of which would spike your blood glucose level. Companies also sweeten them with high amounts of sugar, and sugar in any amount is not appropriate for the keto diet.

keto granolaLuckily, no one defines granola as being carbs and sugar anymore. Ketonut granola uses a base of nuts and seeds to give it healthy fats that will energize the body. It’s also sweetened with a sugar alternative that won’t throw your blood sugar levels off. We have designed it to make people feel satisfied and meet the cravings caused by keto head-on!

To sweeten every bite, we use erythritol, a safe option to replace sucrose (table sugar) with no bad aftertastes commonly associated with other sweeteners. It’s a sugar alcohol (polyol) 70% as sweet as table sugar with almost zero calories and no Glycemic index. There’s also evidence that erythritol is an antioxidant, but for the person on keto, all you need to know is that it makes our granola diet-friendly and taste great!

Keto granola is the ideal snack food for dieters: you can get a balanced, healthy meal or snack without spiking your blood glucose level, which makes you hungrier sooner. It also won’t ruin your attempt to reach ketosis. Here’s how you can use it in all levels of your keto diet.


How Can You Use Keto Granola In Your Diet?


Keto granola can be a key part of your transition into ketosis. By reducing carbs, your body goes into a state where it breaks down fat into energy instead of carbohydrates (the aforementioned ketosis). Fat becomes ketones that are stored in the liver and sent throughout the body to the brain. The ketones will be what your brain and body use for energy instead of glucose.

Woman EatingTo reach this goal, you have to change your diet in ways that remove sugar (no candy, pastries, and most fruits), starch, or grains. While it’s not hard once you meal plan, cravings can seem tough to resist. One way to use keto granola in your diet is to have it ready whenever you feel the urge to snack. Keep it in your purse, your pantry, your car – anywhere that’s readily available!

Ketonut keto granola is also great for adding healthy fats to foods that would otherwise not have some: top your next salad with it or mix it into roasted vegetables. It also makes for a hearty meal to start your day off right, as you can enjoy it with full-fat milk, yogurt, or cottage cheese.

Ketonut’s high-fat, low-protein granola is super easy to prepare and stores well in the pantry. We want to make your keto journey simple and delicious – add our granola to your diet and get both benefits!

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